Radian's Circle of Recovery

Radian’s ecosystem of offerings gives patients holistic care and long-term guidance on the road to recovery from pain or injury.
Let’s get your employees moving more
Musculoskeleton disease plague the Indian offices: 37% off people face back pain & 42% – 63% suffer from neck pain.
Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity a day
these employees are

What do we offer?

Certified Exercise Programs for all Mobility Wellness
Guidance, Adherence & Tracking
Story based exercise
Compete with Others

Access to Therapists and Mobility Specialists

How we help you move?

Employees get access to certified and professionally approved simple workout routines, or walking challenges that can be done anywhere and within 5 minutes.

Daily reminders gives employees daily motivation to meet their daily goals and earn rewards at the end of their sessions.

how are we different?

Our Vision Coach feature can help track these challenges and quantitatively show your progress. Whether it’s fitness, improvement in posture, steps or better movement, we want to keep your score ticking.
Exciting Walking journeys that have been created to make it as realistic as possible in terms of distance and the destinations they chose to travel too.

what’s that in miles?

Take pit stops and collect a stamp at all the famous destinations on your journey. Complete your daily steps and add your daily mobility exercises to cover the actual distance between the two places faster.

The more exercise you do, you get to unlock boosters and other tokens to speed up your journey.

Compete with others

What’s the point of improving if you can’t show off? Compete with your colleagues and motivate them to complete their daily goals. We work with your company to reward the best performers.

Every step counts, every exercise counts, and we collate it all using our movement algorithm to give you your score.

commercial terms with radian

We want to be your Movement and Mobility partner to meet your corporate wellness goals

Commercial agreements between Radian and your company are on a per employee basis of INR 249 per employee per month

Individual access is also available to employees who want to take their movement challenge further at INR 399 per month

why radian over other apps?


Improve mobility wellness through bite size exercise routines (3- 5 minutes)
Interactive journeys to keep you engaged through your daily walk/exercises
Exercises specifically designed for the workplace
Using challenges, and effective communication to encourage people, while bringing out their competitive edge to be more active
Targeted search features within the app to get the outcome you’re looking for
Multilingual capabilities
Providing immediate access to therapists and specialists for individuals in pain