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    How does the PT Concierge work?

    Radian's PT Concierge is aimed to increase ease of access to the best Physiotherapists in the city through video consultation to help you begin your journey towards more flexible and care-free movement along with the knowledge to manage pain.

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    Dr. Bhavi Mehta

    Orthopedic Specialist

    Dr. Bhavi Mehta specializes in and deals with mainly orthopedic...

    Dr. Priyanka Talreja

    Sports Physiotherapist

    Orthopedic and sports physiotherapist, MSPT(USA). An orthopedic and...

    Dr. Bhavi Mehta

    Position: Orthopedic Specialist
    Categories: Orthopedic
    Location: Pune

    Dr. Bhavi Mehta specializes in and deals with mainly orthopedic cases related to back, knee, shoulder and neck. She uses dry needling, kinesio taping, exercise therapy as forms of treatment plans. A major aspect of her service is that Dr. Bhavi will be providing home visits within her vicinity, which is ideal for anyone looking for such a service.

    Dr. Priyanka Talreja

    Position: Sports Physiotherapist
    Categories: Sports Specialist
    Location: Mumbai

    Orthopedic and sports physiotherapist, MSPT(USA)
    An orthopedic and sports physiotherapist graduated from University of Pittsburgh, USA. She specializes in treating injuries related to bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments and some vertigo related issues as well.


    Who should choose this service?

    Radian helps anyone experiencing pain and discomfort from sports injuries, lifestyle, bad posture, MSK surgeries. Find out if it's for you

    What Specialties are we offering?

    Our network of Physiotherapists help patients with all kinds of pain and injuries.

    Post Natal

    Pregnancy and childbirth can bring great joy, but they can also be hard on your body.

    Read more about Post Natal Pain

    The postpartum period lasts approximately 6 months after childbirth and there is no better time than the early postpartum period to address the issues that may create long term problems. . Our goal at Radian is to prevent long term problems before they start with our certified physiotherapists and catalog of exercises we want to set women up for life long strength.

    Back Injuries

    A majority of back injuries are caused by lifting awkwardly, and constantly sitting at your job.

    Read more about Back Injuries

    If you live an active life or are working from home even it's inevitable that you might have posture and back-related problems Radian allows you to familiarize yourself with equipment used by physiotherapists to strengthen and support muscles relevant to the back. In this way, the app prevents injuries. With seamless communication with your physiotherapist, Radian provides the necessary information so you can take care of your body, and consult with your doctor about which exercises are best for you at what stage in order to maintain your back well

    Joint Injuries

    The World Health Organization estimates that over a billion people suffer from joint pain.

    Read more about Joint Injuries

    The shoulder is the most movable joint, so common causes of shoulder pain include frozen shoulder, bad posture, and bone spurs in the shoulder joint. Radian AI is an Artificial Intelligence technology that helps you train the right way for your shoulder. We provide you with a catalogue of exercises and a communication platform with your physiotherapist.

    Knee Injuries

    Overuse of knee pain is one of the most common causes of knee pain and knee injury.

    Read more about Knee Injuries

    It occurs when you use your legs beyond their normal limits, either because you're carrying too much weight, running or walking on an uneven surface, or exercising too vigorously. Radian connects you with your physiotherapist where he/she creates an exercise plan on the app’s dashboard. The artificial intelligence-powered app also helps you manage your knee pain so that your freedom of movement is restored.


    Ankle pain occurs in many different situations and in many different people.

    Read more about Ankle Injuries

    working in a highly demanding job or are currently suffering from ankle pain with underlying instability, weak muscles, or post-traumatic pain resulting from an ankle injury. Radian allows your Updates to be shared with your physiotherapist through your phone or tablet. In the comfort of your home, it allows you to build accountability and accessibility in managing ankle pain with your physiotherapist.

    Wrist Injuries

    From texting to writing, many daily tasks put stress on the wrist joint.

    Read more about Wrist Injuries

    The key to prevention is using good posture and ergonomics to eliminate strain. So how can people prevent pain from bending their wrists while they text or do other wrist straining injuries. Modern rehab has evolved over the years, and so have we. From online PT-patient education to daily accountability tracking and a seamless communication process, we're here to keep your recovery journey smooth.

    Sports Injuries

    Sports injuries aren’t the same as regular injuries, athletes put themselves through a lot of training and put their bodies under a lot of pressure, which sometimes leads to muscle, joint and bones strain.

    Read more about Sports Injuries

    Sports injuries are more often than not better dealt with by physiotherapists and Radian physiotherapists have knowledge that can help in recovery and pain management helping the athletes make a rapid recovery

    Geriatric Injuries

    Geriatric physiotherapies covers a wide range of issues affecting older adults.

    Read more about Geriatric Injuries

    Most common is a postural syndrome affecting the spine, which worsens with age. Other conditions include arthritis, paralysis, Parkinson's disease, and injuries from severe trauma. Radian connects senior patients with physiotherapists who seamlessly communicate with them from the comforts of their homes while also helping them to make use of their body's systems to improve mobility, independence and overall functioning.

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    The Circle of Recovery

    The process of rehabilitation and recovery is heavily dependent on the patient and the PT. Banking heavily on the availability of the PT and the willpower/ consistency/ compliance of the patient.

    Radian provides a suite of services and technology to help patients and PTs at each step of the way. The journey of the patient-PT Relationship is as follows:

    • Learning that they need professional help for their pain
    • Finding the right PT for their requirement/ condition
    • Easily gaining access to speaking with the PT
    • Getting exercises and movements prescribed
    • Staying compliant and getting the required guidance to go through the exercises easily.
    • Being able to reconnect and book another session.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does my free consult work?
    We help you connect to the most suitable PT based on your location and kind of injury. All you have to do is sign up for the free consult, which will direct you to our WhatsApp chat and someone from our team will assist you in booking an appointment.
    How will I get my exercises?
    The exercises will be given to you post your PT’s diagnosis. The physiotherapist will share the exercises via a link that will enable you to download the Radian app on which the exercises will be listed. The exercises will be in form of videos for you to view immediately.
    Will my second consult be free?
    You can only have one free consult, post which each consultation will be charged.
    How will I book my appointment?
    You can book your appointment by contacting us on Whatsapp or emailing us. The details are on the contact us page.
    What if I have to cancel my appointment?
    You can cancel your appointment by messaging us provided there’s enough notice time.
    Can I visit my PT in person?
    Yes, you can visit your PT in person after conferring with them
    Is the Radian Mobility app free?
    Yes, the app is free for you to download and use
    Can I visit my PT in person?
    Yes you can visit your PT in person or opt for an online video consultation

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      Book your free video consult now! Request a callback!