Physiotherapists frequently ask..

There are only specific exercises that have AI. The exercises which have AI will have a symbol next to it.
You can go on the my patients tab and click on the patient you want to check up on and from there go see which sessions have been missed and check their dashboard.
Head to your my patients tab, click on the patient you wish to communicate with. At the top right corner of the screen, you will notice three vertical dots, click on that, then click on view patient history.
If patients are in a low connectivity area, the videos will take slightly longer to load and so will the AI. In this case the patient can log in their exercises for the day through manual input.
No exercise videos cannot be downloaded.
You can create a template, by clicking on the create template button on the top left corner of the instructions page (once you add exercises and reps/time, you are taken to the add instructions page). These templates will appear on the builder and you can edit the template as per patient requirements.
Yes, these templates can be edited.
After adding the exercises and adding the reps/time per exercise, you are taken to the add instructions page where you can add personalized instructions for your patients.
Once you have added the instructions, click on finish and then share with new patient. Enter the patient’s name and number, they will receive the link to their routine through sms.
No third party will have access to your patient data.
Yes, on the builder when you click on add exercises, there is an add custom exercises button at the top. Click on that, record your exercise and save it to the library.
Your custom exercises will only be visible to you and the doctors who are a part of your organisation. No other doctors will be able to access your custom videos.
No, custom exercises are not AI tracked.
If you have doctors working under you, we can create an organisation, thus you will be able to keep track of all the doctors under you as well as their patients.
You can check the patient’s progress by asking them to frequently perform the diagnostic tests, these are AI tracked and will give you an insight on your patients progress.
No, if the patient re downloads the app after deleting the app no patient data or history will be lost.
Rather than having another communication app we have enabled seamless communication via Whatsapp.