Good Nutrition Is Your Key to Great Physiotherapy



If you’re participating in a physiotherapy treatment programme currently, perhaps due to recent surgery or like many others you’re dealing with consistent chronic pain, the goal that is shared is the same: healthy recovery. What is also common is the role of nutrition and a healthy diet that factors in for both the quality of recovery you make and the speed at which you make it.

Now you’d say, everyone’s asked to maintain a healthy diet, and sure the internet makes this term seem more complicated than it is, but it’s actually really simple and here’s a breakdown that can help improve your diet. Be sure to keep your dietary needs in mind along with your physiotherapy treatment!

Protein, getting the right intake is of utmost importance because this is what helps in regaining muscle strength, a quick tip we would recommend is to follow your physiotherapy treatment at home with a protein-rich meal or snack.

Regaining your muscle strength can go a long way in improving your mobility too, which in the case of injury or chronic pain is easy to fall prey to given that you’d be eating the wrong foods without moving around and gaining weight which will again compromise your ability to move around, so eat your daal, and beans and follow your physiotherapy treatment programme for a speedy recovery. 

Following a low-carb diet can take a toll on your energy unless specifically instructed by your physiotherapist, carbohydrates are important for energy (especially when you’re undergoing physiotherapy treatment), when indulging in fewer carbs you force your body to source energy from your muscles and that’s when your muscles start feeling weak, so check on the adequate portions of carbohydrate intake according to your weight and indulge in healthy carbs like yoghurt, fruits and milk. 

Stay hydrated, and consume the right amount of fibre which is of utmost importance if you’re taking pain medications that often have constipation as a side effect. Keep your digestive tract healthy by drinking water and eating an adequate amount of fibre each day.

If there’s anything more that comes with good nutrition is mood elevation, when going through your physiotherapy treatment, one is already going through pain and providing your body with the right food can help stabilise your mood, emotions and overall well-being. 

Do consult your physiotherapist on specific dietary requirements for your body, and pain to get the best results out of your physiotherapy treatment so you can have a faster and more sustained recovery. 


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