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exercises for back pain

Everyone has said this regardless of age and gender at one point “hey my back is hurting” or “hey I need some stretches and exercises for back pain”. Yes, it can be because of a major injury but mostly it’s because of everyday activities like lifting heavy shopping bags, sitting in one position for hours, bending forward and backwards more than your back allows, and so on and so forth.  So the question remains, what do you do to prevent this pain? The answer could range from doing simple and generic exercises for back pain to consulting a physiotherapist for a customised session that can help in recovery.

Prevention of back pain is not difficult, there are activities you can incorporate that will help you. Merging these exercises for back pain into your daily routine will also improve your quality of life and give you a better sleep routine.

Your Posture Matters, Repeat to Yourself “Posture Posture Posture”

Poor posture can be a major aggravator of back pain. In today’s time, people sit for long periods of time without taking a break and it usually takes a toll on their spine. Sure there are other factors like age and diseases which have to be taken into consideration, but slouching is a major factor here. So have a reminder on your phone pop up,” sit straight” and you will get the hang of it.

Additionally doing exercises for back pain like posture corrections, neck pains and neck rotation movements can go a long way toward helping your pain. 

Strengthening Exercises for Your Back Pain and the Spine

Exercising can prove to be very helpful and the benefits can extend over a period of time. A regular strength-training routine that builds your core can help lower your risk of back-related injuries. Indulging in Yoga and exercises for back pain like stretching regularly can go a long way in pain prevention. 

Exercising can be very helpful and its benefits also extend over a period of time. If you look at a regular strength training routine, helps you build your core which can lower the risk of back-related injuries. Even yoga and general mobility exercises can go a long way in pain prevention 

Increase Your Calcium and Vitamin D Consumption

Strong bones can aid in the prevention of osteoporosis-  one of the leading causes of back pain as you age. Consuming plenty of calcium and vitamin D supplements will help in keeping your spine’s bones strong. Calcium is present in vitamin supplements, milk, yoghurt, and leafy green vegetables. But before using any supplements, always consult with your doctor.

Sleep in a Pain-Relieving Posture

Everyone has a favourite sleeping position but that might be the very cause of your exacerbating back discomfort so simply shifting your body posture while sleeping might help ease lower back discomfort. 

Sleeping on your back can flatten the spine unless you give extra support that keeps the head, neck, and spine in alignment and if you do decide to sleep on your back, keeping your head straight with the spine and a cushion under your knees will be the optimum posture to prevent these pains by keeping your spine neutral and stress-free, another one is sleeping on your sides and cushion in between your knees to ensure less back pain

Overall there are many factors that contribute to these pains, so we will say live a healthier life, which basically comes down to keeping track of your movement, posture, and habits such as performing exercises for back pain at regular intervals, not carrying too much load, getting adequate sleeping, quitting smoking, drinking 8 cups of water a day, and indulging in relaxation techniques – all these can help in making you back steady and standing throughout. 

Exercises for back pain are important to keep a part of your daily routine so you don’t wake up with pain and stiffness ever so often. Adhere to your exercises, you can feel better!


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