5 Ways to Relieve/control Shoulder Pain



Shoulder discomfort can occur unexpectedly as a result of neck pain that radiates down your shoulders. It could be a rotator cuff injury, the group of muscles that aid in the circular rotation of your shoulder. It can also be something serious like Osteoarthritis which leads to the wearing of the cartilage that caps the bones in your joints or Rheumatoid arthritis a disease in which the immune system attacks the joints. Whatever the cause, there are shoulder pain exercises that can keep this pain in check, or reduce it.

Here Are Some Easy Ways to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Discomfort.

  • Take rest

Try the PT-recommended “RICE”  method, especially after an injury. 

Rest – Taking rest is often underrated but stopping the activity that caused this, or simply just protecting the sore area may help you get out of pain, focusing on shoulder pain and neck pain.

Taking rest is often underrated, but indulging in simple shoulder pain exercises that give you pain like bending forward to pick up something, or a gym exercise you practice like cross-training, instead focus on something like riding a stationary bike. 

But be mindful to not remove all shoulder movements. This is to avoid developing a stiff shoulder as a result of limited movement. To keep your arm moving, try some gentle shoulder pain exercises like stretches and range of motion exercises for your shoulder. 

  •  Using an ice pack

You can apply an ice pack on your shoulder several times a day, but keep in mind that you should not cold press it for any more than 15-20 minutes in one go. Keep in mind that you should not freeze it for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. Always use a towel to wrap the ice, or instead make use of a cold pack itself. 

  • Take up a cushion for back support 

Place a pillow under your lower back while sitting, and place one on your lap to rest your arm – this will help relieve any prolonged shoulder pain or putting excess stress on your shoulders.

  1. Shoulder Exercises & Stretches                                                                                                      

Consider practicing some simple shoulder pain exercises once your shoulder starts feeling a little better. Consult a physiotherapist to guide you through these exercises, and monitor your progress, some of them being door leaning (pectoral stretch) and light shoulder stretches, and shoulder isometrics.

The best thing to do is regularize this for at least 6-8 weeks as a preventative strategy for shoulder discomfort. We strongly urge you to only consult an expert in these injuries instead of creating your own shoulder workouts/ shoulder pain exercises, because you might end up agonizing over the pain further. 

  • Ease on the load you carry throughout the day 

To ease the pressure to lessen the amount of stress on your shoulders, you may need to adjust the way you perform some tasks. Make sure you keep a good pace and take breaks in between chores. Plan ahead of time so you have enough time to figure out how to accomplish things without placing too much strain on your sore shoulder.     

If you must carry something, such as groceries, attempt to utilize a cart to relieve shoulder strain. A rucksack, on the other hand, can distribute the weight evenly over your back and shoulders. You might also ask someone to lend you a hand if your shoulder is bothering you.                                            

If your shoulder discomfort is keeping you awake at night, try to avoid sleeping on the side that hurts. It may be beneficial to place a pillow or cushion beneath your arm to prevent you from rolling onto it while sleeping. What can also help is performing some before-bed shoulder pain exercises that can help you ease the pain? 

We’re here for you 

If your pain doesn’t seem to reduce after this or worsens over time we suggest you go under the complete supervision of a physiotherapist, they can help customize shoulder pain exercises and stretches that work best for you along with any advice that you should follow in your daily lifestyle. 


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